Sunny Corner Farm

Our vegetable powders are the best available. They are of a quality unachievable by anybody else.
This is because we are the only growers in the world dehydrating our own organic vegetables in-house.
Available in organic broccoli, kale, beetroot, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and our greens+red ‘Super veg’ powder.

All our vegetable powders are grown at location.
We harvest, wash, chop, dehydrate, mill and pack within 24 hours to lock in the goodness and ensure maximum nutrient retention.
Minimal processing and our state-of-the-art low temperature dehydration means our fresh vegetables remain a raw food,
retaining all essential nutrition and antioxidant properties.

Sunny Corner powders are suitable for a very broad range of applications, from consumers up to large and medium scale food industry.

Uses include, but are not limited to, dietary supplements, nutritional snacks, smoothies, soups, beverages, sauces and baked goods.

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